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Antique Vanity Table with Mirror for More Value for Your Room

Makeup vanity table is popular these days. In the past, antique vanity table with mirror is often referred only for the older women. As makeup vanity table is now becoming more popular. There are many options of style and design to choose. With a large style variety, you can choose design that will express yourself best and pour it to the decor. Some people may prefer decorating their wall and corner with furniture of history or antique impression. The antique item is an old item that is collectible. Not only appealing in appearance, the antique one has interesting background that you can explore. In the other hand, choosing antique vanities, there are some considerations as your guide. These considerations are the points where you can see the antique furniture which makes the furniture antique valuable.

antique vanity table with mirror


Vanity is one of the important needs for women. Moreover, vanity with pink color is one of the most wanted designs despite of many different styles. Many antique vanity set are developed with modern touch to make the antique impression smoother and grace. Thus, this furniture will give more value to your room and your house as well. Here will be informed more about vanity with mirror and everything related to it.

Vanity Table with Mirror Styles

As mentioned before, there are various styles of antique dressing table with mirror. Here are some styles that maybe one of your favorites. The first is Georgian Chippendale. This vanity is made by Thomas Chippendale. He was a British cabinet maker. Compared with wooden carving, this style has become same in curved shape, ball-in claw feet, and mahogany. This vanity type is appeared first in the late century of 18th. This antique vanity has two rows drawers as its feature. Georgian Chippendale is usually featured by a large mirror in the top. It is also surrounded with ornamentation of curving. The next antique style is Queen Anne. This one is popularized in the early of 18th century. The vanity is known for the grace and the lightness. The Queen Anne design features curves in numbers especially in the legs of the table. This style design of vanity is even more complete with carving of famous scallop. Queen Anne can be made from wide wood varieties such as oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut. Compared with Chippendale, the table is taller. But it only has one row of drawers feature. On the top, the mirror is small and round in shape. Moreover, the Chippendale is larger than Queen Anne.

The third style is the Art Deco. This one is considered as more modern antique vanity. Generally, similar with Queen Anne Art Deco is taller with one drawer in row. Rarely, the row of the drawer is more than one. However, the difference is seen in the boldness detail in Art Deco. This vanity has tall mirror with metal filigree in the top. There is also wood rule that is brightly painted. And, there is a drawer handle in geometrical shape. Art Deco vanity is not recognized because the background but for the innovation design instead.

Antique Vanity Table with Mirror in Various Styles and Shapes

Antique vanity table with mirror has various mirror shapes and styles. They are inlays mirror, without inlays mirror, square mirror, three sided mirror, tall mirror, short mirror, oval mirror, and many more. Different designs of the mirror may be made to them as well. The color of the glass can create different reflections. The reflections include a mild reflection, smoky reflection, or everyday bright reflection on the mirror. Gold frames on the mirror were also popular in 1700’s. The leaf etchings were covered with real gold as well and made it luxurious and grace at a time.

Antique Vanity Table in Pink Designs

Pink is one of women’s favorite colors. Thus, they often want the furniture with pink color on it. Here are some pink antique vanities. The first is vanity that was popular in the 1920’s which is named the White Antique Vanity with Round Mirror and Bench. As the name represents, this vanity design is an antique vanity table with mirror and bench. This one is made for a starlet and featured with popular round mirror of Art Deco. This beauty design is even more enhanced with a lot of wood etching details. The design has also been refinished with linen white and distressed lightly. It is featured with wheels of original wood. The original wood itself is supported by legs that are carved ornately. For lovely accent, this antique vanity has glass knobs added into it.

vanity table with mirror and benchAdvertisement

The next design is the Sweet Pink Antique Vanity with Tri-fold Mirror. This design is another adorably cute vanity. The charm of this vanity is even enhanced with the sweet scrolls on the vanity base, top of the tri-fold mirror, and bottom of the drawers. This tri-folded vanity has been refinished soft pink. It is also distressed lightly. Like the White Antique Vanity with Round Mirror and Bench, it has glass knobs addition that sparkles. The combination of soft color on this vanity is cute additional furniture for your room.

The third design is an elegant vanity.  Elegant Pink Antique Vanity with Mirror is a pink vanity with beautiful look. It can be used as decorative piece as well, not only as a low dresser. It is a dresser with double tier. It has two open cabinets and two drawers. They are added with glass knobs to give sparkle effect.  This vanity has been refinished aqua shade. It has also been lightly distressed.

Antique Vanity Table with Mirror for Antique Mirror’s Appeal

Of course, each of the mirrors will have its own historical background. As other antique stuff, antique mirror also has specialty and uniqueness. The uniqueness can be seen from different points of view. One of the most things when it comes to the antique mirror is the craftsmanship, design, and quality. It is because these points are the most points that make people fascinating. Moreover, the beauty, rarity, history, age, and condition of a vanity mirror are where the appeal points are. These points are also the considerations of several things. The things are that people who love collecting unique items and in measuring the value of the antique items such as antique vanity table with mirror.

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